Kesaksian: I will follow my Lord

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Kesaksian: Dear, my diary

Why when I want to be a good man,
I’m being hurt?
I feel disappointed when my friend hurt me,
Right inside of me
I feel like garbage.

No body feels what I feel,
I’m so lonely, sad, and betrayed,
Why I’m so stupid that I help someone who doesn’t know being thankful?
But I can’t cheat my self!
Inside of me I want to be a good man.
Cause I know that by being a good man,
I please my God’s own heart.
So, I will be a good man and a good Christian.

I will follow my Lord’s step day by day,
Even though I know that it’s weary and burdened my heart,
But the Lord care and keep my step into His ways.
I will pray and rejoice because of the love of Christ for me.
The love that bigger than anything in earth and heaven above!

I will be a good Christian forever,
Because I know, it’s well for my soul.
And the important thing, it’s please my Lord.

Jogja, November 6, 2007


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ika arumi   |180.214.232.xxx |08-07-2010 18:26:07
yeahhh chris when i seventeen years i ever felt oughhh why my life so
difference among of us my fam???i ever felt lonely,down,insecure and pretending
from all but i found my rock and its lord n i will prove it to himmm wkwkwkwk
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